Specific Proteins

Liquid (minimum 1 mL) or lyophilized samples (1 mL) of human sera with added analytes of human origin.

4 or 12 surveys per year. One sample per survey in monthly program (SP12), two samples per survey in quarterly program (SP4).

Analytical parameters

Albumin, Alpha-1-acid glycoprotein, Alpha-1-antitrypsin, Alpha-2-macroglobulin, ASO, Beta-2-microglobulin, C3, C4, Ceruloplasmin, CRP (C-Reactive Protein), Cystatin C*, Haptoglobin, IgA, IgE, IgG, IgM, Kappa light chains, total* and free, Lambda light chains, total* and free, Prealbumin, RF, soluble Transferrin receptor (sTfR)*, Transferrin

* This parameter is not accredited according to DIN EN ISO/ IEC 17043:2010.

Instructions for Use

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