Plasma like fluid samples (minimum 2 mL) that contain stabilized human red blood cells, white blood cells
and platelets of human and/or non-human analogs.

2, 4 or 12 surveys per year. One sample per survey in monthly program (HEM12), two samples per survey in quarterly and semiannual program (HEM4, HEM2).

This program is suitable for hematology analyzers with and without leucocyte-differentiation.

Analytical parameters

HCT (hematocrit), HGB (hemoglobin), MCH (mean corpuscular hemoglobin), MCHC (mean cellular hemoglobin concentration), MCV (mean corpuscular volume), MPV (mean platelet volume), PCT (Plateletcrit), PLT (platelets), RBC (red blood cells), RDW (RBC distribution width), WBC (white blood cells)

Instructions for Use

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